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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Second half slumber

Can't seem to stay awake beyond half-time these days. Such a pity the Gunners socked in six more when I was in dreamland. The same happened the night before as Chelsea scored twice in the second half. The 1-2 touch football from arsenal was amazing to watch. I think if they get their back four right, there would be no stopping them next season. Get rid of the insipid anglo-french brigade of Toure, Sendoros, Cygan, Clichy, Sol campbell and Ashley cole, and get Van de Saar from Fulham and they'll have a team that could topple the Blues. I seriously think Wengers Team has what it takes for continental success. Mark my words Chelsea, Arsenal and Bayern will be the teams to watch next year. Anyway it's a good sign that Im hitting the sack as early as 1.45 Am.

Blogging after a loooooooong time, infact just my second post after the forgettable "lead-blog". I'm kind of back to the fold thanks to Uma M-D, Rangarajan and the rest. But i've not changed my mind on writing that scathing piece on this egoistic tribe sometime very soon. Maybe that'll be my debut story at AB-10!!

Wonder why Ranga was sounding so weighed down. Hope everthing's alrite. Cant wait to see Harini in action, and missing Pablo big time.


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